Here at Barons Eden, we recognise that climate change is now regarded as one of the greatest challenges affecting the world today.

We understand that we all have a part to play, and the impact that our actions have on the environment around us, our staff, and our guests.

We are extremely proud of our achievements so far and excited about our future projects.

We are honoured to be a Founder Member of the Sustainable Spa Association and to be working with Green Tourism UK.

We will deliver our sustainability policy in the following ways:

  • By constantly seeking ways to lessen our impact on the environment whilst keeping the highest level of service and guest experience.

  • Conduct sustainability reviews quarterly across our business.

  • Factoring in the environment in our everyday decision-making at management level.

  • Raising awareness amongst our staff and encouraging them to carry out more sustainable business practices, informing them of the company’s aims, and involving them at induction and at regular training sessions.

  • Recycling our paper, cardboard, glass, batteries, and lighting, becoming a zero-landfill organisation.

  • Using low energy light bulbs wherever possible and operating a ‘switch off’ policy in all our areas, turning lights and computers off when not in use.

  • Reducing our use of harmful cleaning chemicals for cleaning by replacing with eco-friendly ozone water in our properties

  • Using sustainable food suppliers and working with local suppliers.

  • Working with experts to reduce our energy usage and move towards being Carbon Zero.

  • Provision of electric car charging facilities.

  • Involving our customers and being prepared to ask the question ‘are we meeting your sustainability expectations?’

Barons Eden is committed to change and to become a business that puts sustainability first.

Beekeeping at our properties

We are proud to have more than 20 bee hives across our two properties, Hoar Cross Hall and Eden Hall. Overseen by our resident beekeepers, Griff and Stuart, we plan to use the honey collected within the delicious dishes served on our menus, wherever possible.