Fetching the finer details

Sustainability and Our Place

Sustainability at Barons Eden


As a business with multiple locations, including sprawling period Spa destinations, we recognise the importance of routinely reviewing our properties and making improvements where necessary.   

Below are some of the ways in which we are ensuring that our properties are being maintained and managed to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

  • Using low energy light bulbs where possible and operating a ‘switch off’ policy in all our areas, turning lights and computers off when not in use. 

  • Reducing our use of harmful cleaning chemicals for cleaning by replacing with eco-friendly ozone water in our properties .

  • Using sustainable food suppliers and working with local suppliers, including:

    • The Green Door Bakery, Yoxall

    • Paul Shum Butchers, Burton upon Trent

    • Needwood Ice Cream, Anslow

    • Ian Perkes Fish Merchants, Brixham

  • Using sustainable luxury treatment product brands, including:

  • Working with experts to reduce our energy usage and move towards being Carbon Zero. 

  • Providing electric car charging facilities. 

  • Introducing 20 beehives across our properties. Overseen by our resident beekeepers, Griff and Stuart, we use the honey collected within the delicious dishes served on our menus.

  • Hoar Cross Hall is working with Toiletries Amnesty, a social, ethical and environmental organisation that makes access to hygiene essentials easy for those in need, while stopping masses of surplus products going to waste. Keep your eyes peeled for our Toiletry Drops, where you can support by donating your unwanted hygiene and beauty products. Did you know? In 2022 alone, over £1.25 million worth of products avoided landfill through the efforts of Toiletries Amnesty.