Fetching the finer details

Sustainability and Our Planet

Sustainability at Barons Eden


Our planet is now at a critical juncture, where urgent action to tackle climate change is needed.

As a business, we are extremely mindful of this, and are proactively and continuously reviewing how we operate in a manner that is respectful of our planet.  

Below are some of the objectives we have set as business as we work to to help tackle climate change.

  • Factoring in the environment in our everyday decision-making at management level 

  • £1 million investment at Hoar Cross Hall to change our source of heating from oil to Biomass which will drastically reduce our carbon footprint in this area by 95%.

  • Monitoring and reducing energy usage across our properties 

  • Conducting sustainability reviews quarterly across our business 

  • Increasing the use of solar panels as a source of energy across our properties

  • Changing to green & sustainable energy suppliers 

  • Using rechargeable batteries  

  • We are a zero-landfill property

  • Always recycling where possible across our business, including; removing single-use cups, plastic-free in-room toiletries, refillable shower gels, and Hoar Cross Hall filtered water in place of bottled mineral water.