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Our idea of Blue Monday

They say today is the most depressing day of year, but we won't let that get to us. Forget about the dark days, gloomy weather and the broken New Year's resolutions, wash away the negativity and sink into the blues of our tranquil sanctuary from £50 per person...

The best of the blues...

Hydrotherapy Pool

Heal tired muscles whilst lowering your stress levels, in our blissful hydrotherapy pool. Let the outside world melt away, as you swim under our massage jets, or unwind in our bubbling hot tub. 

Steam Room

Unwind in our cloudy steam room whilst impurities are drawn from the skin and your breathing deepens and calms. Let the gentle heat wash over your body, as your metabolism increases and any congestion is alleviated.

Hot Tub

Let the tropical temperatures of our bubbling hot tub put your body into rest mode, as the 37-38°c water encourages the release of endorphins. Our blissful hot tub also reinforces the immune system, warming the pores of the skin to extract toxins and impurities.

Aqua Massage

Explore the benefits of hydrotherapy at it's best, in our expansive Aqua Massage facilities. From our arctic cold plunge pool to our relaxing kneipp foot massage, your skin will be revitalised and invigorated in no time at all.

Saltwater Vitality Pool

Naturally exfoliate your skin and promote the bodies automatic relaxation response, in our mesmerising saltwater pool. Float amongst the crystal clear waters, discovering our starlit cave and poolside heated loungers.

Snooze Room

Head to the Snooze Room post treatment, to catch forty winks on our heated water beds! Featuring atmospheric lighting and a tranquil energy, it is the ideal spot to truly switch off and unwind in silence.

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