Fetching the finer details


Experience the true power of nature at The Spa Terrace, Hoar Cross Hall’s new and exclusive outdoor Spa, harnessing the healing elements of earth, water, fire, and air.

Included with any Spa Stay, Spa Day or Twilight Spa, discover ultimate tranquillity and unparalleled luxury.


The Spa Terrace

Staffordshire Retreat

Nestled within thousands of acres of picturesque Staffordshire countryside, our award-winning retreat offers one of the largest state-of-the-art spas in Europe, complete with luxurious bedrooms, breathtaking grounds, and exquisite dining experiences. The addition of our Outdoor Spa Terrace elevates your relaxation to new heights, providing a serene escape like no other.

The Spa Terrace

Outdoor Spa Pools

The perfect spot to warm up in winter or cool down in summer, our three beautifully tiled Spa pools are set in the heart of the Spa Terrace, only a stone’s throw from our bar and lounge. Featuring hydrotherapy technologies, massage jets, ample seating and a higher-than-average water temperature, the three side-by-side pools wrapped in lavender-filled planters, are designed to soothe muscle and joint pain, flush out toxins, reduce stress and stimulate lymphatic drainage.       

The Spa Terrace

Outdoor Spa Pools


  • Three stylish Spa pools measuring 15m2 each

  • Fitted with hydrotherapy water jets and bench seating 

  • A balmy average water temperature of 38°

  • Heated by our sustainable biomass boiler

  • Walk-in steps allowing easy access

The Spa Terrace

Cold Water Therapy

Take the plunge into our two Monkey Brass Cold Barrels, previously designed to mature Scotland’s finest whisky, now reimagined to provide cold water immersion therapy. With the striking aged barrels holding 400L of water and maintaining temperatures as low as an icy 3°, our unique cold-water therapy (thankfully just moments from our Juniper Log Sauna) releases endorphins, renews a sense of calm, promotes relaxation and uplifts mood.

The Spa Terrace


Be instantly transported to tropical shores, in our six spacious poolside cabanas. Made from rustic cedar wood with an adjustable fabric canopy and boasting a ‘ring for refreshments’ bell, our exclusive cabanas elevate any Spa Terrace experience. Create a private shaded haven or sun-kissed celebration, where you can switch off from the outside world and soak up the tranquil surroundings.

The Spa Terrace

Juniper Log Sauna

Turn up the heat in our distinctive glass-fronted sauna, overlooking our three serene Spa pools. In need of a warming refuge after your dose of cold-water therapy, or a healing sanctuary after your intense workout? Then look no further. Dry stone heated and naturally scented through the juniper log-lined walls, a wealth of benefits are waiting to be discovered in our sauna, from improving blood circulation and removing harmful toxins, to overcoming fatigue and relieving muscle cramps.

The Spa Terrace

Relax Room

Truly unwind in our calming Relax Room, where dimmed lighting, floating curtains and soft furnishings create a comforting space for reflection and stillness. Housing eight adjustable relaxation beds and a stylish hydration station, there is no better spot to rest your eyes, read a book or daydream away.

The Spa Terrace

Bar and Lounge

Refreshments are always within reaching distance on our Mediterranean inspired Spa Terrace. From seasonal cocktails and the finest Veuve Clicquot Champagne, to thirst-quenching mocktails and late afternoon small plates, our oak canopied bar and lounge is an all-day affair. Did you know, our Spa Terrace bar is fronted with 100-year-old reclaimed tiles, straight from the sherry producing vineyards of Jerez in southern Spain?

The Spa Terrace

Fire Pits

Cosy-up and relax under a blanket of stars at our two roaring fire pits. Lighting up either end of the Spa Terrace and enveloped in spacious cushioned seating, our fire pits are the ultimate summer evening escape or winter day destination to reconnect with a loved one.