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Wedding trends to fall in love with

For all the doom and gloom that surrounds us on the news, love continues to ride the wave of the coronavirus lockdown and weddings aren’t stopping. Of course, like so many things, there’s a new normal. And that normal is ‘new’. New trends, new experiences , new ways to create an occasion to remember. For example, was there even a ‘change the date’, before Corona? So to give you a head start, we’ve collated all the latest trends into one handy little read. Enjoy and feel inspired.

Miniature cakes. Sooo cute.

Smaller weddings are here to stay, and there’s a lovely little idea that’s come with them – one-of-a-kind miniature cakes for each guest, with a variety of colour and design for each cake. Teeny-tiny cakes that mimic the real thing. Highly personalised and unique, each guest gets to enjoy a whole portion of deliciousness, rather than just a slice. Plus, let’s be honest – is there anything cuter?

Relaxed and informal

Inviting all and sundry to your big day, sadly, has probably had its day. And with this, couples are choosing to enjoy a more intimate, meaningful celebration with their closest family and besties. The added benefit being it allows them to be a little more lavish with a smaller group. Intimate ceremonies or ‘micro-weddings’ are here to stay.


Light up their world

It may come as no surprise that outdoor weddings are becoming more and more common around the world. And so there’s a renewed focus on wedding tents and mood lighting – bringing a bright and breezy, romantic air to the occasion. When the sun sets, the lights come on – from exposed bulbs to geometric lamps, fairy lights, festoons in cages and vintage chandeliers. They can all help to create a fairy-tale like environment to your wedding day.


Keep this up your sleeves

According to Vogue, recent runways feature many stunning white dresses – and this year, darling, it’s all about the sleeves. Not just any old sleeve, gorgeous puff sleeves, smaller cap sleeves or even billowing full length – they will all be making their way to the world of bridal gowns near you.


With all the travel bans and restrictions on travel, far-flung honeymoons have been put on hold. Instead many couple are opting for something a little more local with ‘nanomoons’. It’s all about exploring your local area. A short trip to a local wine tasting, an outdoor culinary experience or an extended road trip around national parks, when restrictions allow us to do this again of course. But don’t worry, the nanomoons are ideal for newlyweds in 2021—especially because a ‘mightymoon’, will no doubt eventually happen as well.