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Our Sustainability Journey...

As it's Earth Day, we thought this was a good time to update you on our sustainability journey so far...

The impact that Hoar Cross Hall, the staff, and our guests have on the environment remains a core focus for us. Sustainability initiatives have been implemented across our collection of properties, including recycling, removing plastic from day-to-day operations, zero-landfill, locally sourced produce (including our own honey from our resident bees), energy reduction initiatives, solar panels, working with sustainable luxury product brands such as, Elemis and Voya, and training and developing our staff to reinforce a culture of sustainability.

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently completed a project at Hoar Cross Hall, that will reduce our CO2 emissions by over 40%. In partnership with Reheat, a leading provider of renewable heat and power consultancy, a new Biomass heating system has been installed and is set to save over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. Working closely with Reheat, it was determined that the year-round heat demand could be met by locally sourced Biomass. As a result, we have invested £1.5 million into a 1MW biomass heating system comprising two state-of-the-art 500kW biomass boilers and is set to reduce carbon emissions at Hoar Cross Hall by over 55%.

The wood fuel for the Biomass will be sustainably sourced from the National Forest, less than 20 miles from the Spa Hotel. The use of sustainable woodchip promotes positive woodland management by utilising low-grade timber that would otherwise have gone to waste. Stimulating woodland management improves biodiversity and climate change mitigation, as well as encouraging landowners to plant new trees. As a result, Hoar Cross Hall can provide its guests with year-round reliable and sustainable heat as part of a premium Hotel and Spa experience.

Another milestone has been reached at Hoar Cross Hall, as we see the completion of our Biomass facility, one of our key company initiatives is to work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Biomass heat source has allowed us to take a huge step forward to achieving our goal.

Being one of the largest Spa Hotels in Europe, its’ essential that we keep ahead of the curve when it comes to our energy consumption and impact on the environment, being in the heart of the National Forest, Biomass was the obvious choice. We have been extremely proud to work with Reheat on this project and drive positive change to the business.”- Phil Murphy, Managing Director at Hoar Cross Hall.