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Staycations Are Here To Stay

With all the uncertainty of travelling abroad in 2021, Staycations in England and the UK are on the rise.

If you’re unfamiliar with staycations, the idea is that instead of travelling abroad, you either spend time in a hotel in the UK, or stay at home and visit local attractions. And when you think about it a bit more, you can see why this is such a good idea. A staycation is looking very appealing with no waiting in line at an airport, no sitting in traffic and no scrambling to get somewhere by a specific time. And of course, less worry about Covid-19 and no quarantine.

Just like a normal holiday, a staycation is about relaxation and enjoyment. It's about ‘me’ time or ‘us’ time, whichever the case may be. And yes, a staycation can even be about experiencing new things. After all, can you really say you've seen and done everything your hometown and the surrounding area have to offer?

It depends on where you live, but in a lot of ways a staycation can be very much like a getaway vacation. What comes to mind when you think ‘vacation?’ Visiting a historic landmark, settling into a good book and a picnic by the lake? Breakfast in bed? Wandering a museum followed by a fine dinner out? All of these can most likely be done close to home. The thing is try not to get lazy about your staycation. Just like you would if you were going away, plan some activities, do some research about your surrounding area to find out what there is that you haven't seen or done, and set a budget. Of course, it’s still ok to spend more than you normally would at home. You’re on holiday after all. Treat yourself.

And should you decide to stay away from home on your staycation, Hoar Cross Hall is one of the most luxurious destinations around. Nestled in the rolling Staffordshire countryside, our hidden retreat really is a treasure worth discovering. With formal gardens to enjoy, more than 30 acres of parks and woodland, plenty of outdoor pursuits from archery to tennis, and naturally, our spa facilities are second to none. With a variety of tranquil pools, a Scandinavian spa experience, sensory showers, plunge pool, salt inhalation room…ah, we can feel the stresses of the last few months beginning to ebb away already.


So yes, a staycation is starting to look quite appealing, don’t you think?