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Game, set, and match - discover the health benefits of tennis

Discover the fascinating history of tennis and the benefits you can enjoy of playing this beloved sport

Enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, whether in competition or for fun, tennis is a firm favourite with racquet-wielding amateur enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. First devised as an indoor game in medieval France, then known as Jeu De Paume, tennis was played without racquets until the 16th century and was popular among kings and their courts.

Over the centuries tennis spread across Europe and the wider world, to such a point that by the 1800s the sport was popular enough that the All England Lawn Tennis Croquet and Club was established and the very first Wimbledon tennis tournament was held there in 1877.

As we countdown to the return of tennis, with the taste of strawberries and cream firmly in mind, we've put together some information on the benefits playing tennis offers both body and mind:

A full-body workout: Not every sport can guarantee that your whole body will benefit from an intense full-body workout from tip to toe. Whether you're running for the ball or perfecting your backhander, your whole body is sure to be put through its paces.

Benefits your bones: Ensuring that you are regularly exercising is an effective way of ensuring that your bones remain healthy throughout life. As you get older, your bones lose strength and become more fragile, increasing the risk of injury. Keeping up with your exercise is a great way to help keep your bones strong as you age.

Good for your heart: Tennis is a demanding sport, involving quick-fire movements, burning fat, and increasing your heart rate. A standard tennis match can last up to two hours, played in intervals, and perfect for helping to improve your cardiovascular health which can help lower your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. 

Boost your mood: Exercise isn't just good for your physical health and fitness, it can also be beneficial for your mental health. Undertaking a sport such as tennis can help raise your self-esteem, encourage you to set yourself goals, and boost chemical changes in your brain that help positively change your mood.

Our tennis courts are free to use during your stay. Simply pop to the leisure desk and our team will give you everything you need to enjoy a game or two.