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Behind-The-Scenes at VOYA

We visited our spa partner, VOYA, at their headquarters in Ireland, to learn more about how they create their products and to fully immerse ourselves in the ethos behind the brand.

VOYA is a luxury and sustainable organic skincare brand that we partnered with back in May 2021. Their revolutionary range of results-driven seaweed-based products are certified organic and cruelty-free, ingredients are sustainably hand-harvested, and their packaging is made from recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials.

This is what we discovered on our trip…

Seaweed Bath

On arrival, we were treated to a seaweed bath at the family-owned VOYA Seaweed Baths. After a very early 3am rise and a morning of traveling, a warming bath was just what we needed. With the sound of waves in the background and a private room all to yourself, you can completely relax. The experience starts with an optional steam shower to warm up the body and open your pores to the benefits of the seaweed. With the bath already drawn for you, you can get straight in, letting the gel from the seaweed deeply moisturise your skin, increase circulation and promote healing. After a long soak, we were left feeling very relaxed and skin silky soft. It also made for a great night’s sleep! We offer this detoxifying bath experience at Hoar Cross Hall. Find out more and book here.

Visiting VOYA Headquarters

On day two we visited the VOYA headquarters where both their office and production area is under one roof. Down the corridor from their buzzing open-plan office, through what seemed a secret door, is their unexpectedly large production area. Here, their freshly hand-harvested seaweed is brought in and taken through a very specific process of drying, locking in all the amazing benefits of the seaweed, including antioxidant protection, collagen production, protection of your skin barrier, deep moisturisation, and skin elasticity.

Seaweed Harvesting

After viewing the production process, we were taken to one of their beautiful seaweed harvesting locations. About a 40-minute drive from VOYA HQ, down narrow roads, and surrounded by picturesque countryside, we stopped at a secluded area of coastline. After a little walk down to the seafront, we were suddenly surrounded by glistening green seaweed growing on rocks and pools of trickling clear water. All VOYA’s seaweed is harvested by their small, dedicated team with a simple cut at the base using a knife. The team is always very careful they don’t take too much from one area so that the seaweed continues to thrive. 


Using a blend of their cherished natural seaweed with a wealth of active ingredients and essential oils, every VOYA treatment has been crafted like a carefully considered work of art. At Hoar Cross Hall, we have a selection of VOYA treatments, including a newly added VOYA Menopause Treatment. A balancing ritual, this treatment celebrates and supports you through the natural tides of menopause. Using VOYA’s trusted seaweed extracts blended with aromatherapy oils, it washes away stress and anxiety with a tension-relieving back, neck, and shoulder massage. Also includes a hydration boost to cool and calm skin, easing any irritation. Find out more and book here.