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The Hoar Cross Hall Milk Float Glow-Up!

Find out how we transformed this old Milk Float...

At Hoar Cross Hall we have an affection for the mishmash between old and new, which is why we’ve given a characterful old milk float a new lease of life. Made in 1987, we believe it was originally used to deliver milk; being 35 years old, this little electric milk float has had a long-life (pun intended!). Now, you will find it saving our guests legs by transporting them and their luggage from the car park directly to the reception door! 

When the milk float first arrived at Hoar Cross, it looked very different from what it does today. A little tired, it needed a glow-up, and so we got to work! After a full wrapping both inside and out, with William Morris-inspired wallpaper adorning the inside, and our Hoar Cross colours on the outside, it was transformed into a carriage fit for a queen. 

When you arrive for your stay with us, just park up and you will find our Hoar Cross Hall Carriage, along with our trusty driver to help you with your luggage. Once aboard, just sit back and enjoy the short ride to your relaxing escape in style! 

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