Fetching the finer details

The Spa Garden

The Spa Garden is the perfect outdoor sanctuary to invigorate or unwind.

The Spa Garden

Outdoor Hydrotherapy Pool

This tranquil Outdoor Hydrotherapy Pool has been designed to boost overall wellness, using the latest water therapy technologies, with built-in massage jets and water features. Warmer than your average pool, the combination of the warm water and the massaging jets work to soothe aching muscles and ease any joint pain. This makes them a great choice for recovering from a workout, or for anyone storing stresses and tensions in their body by stimulating the lymphatic system and flushing out toxins.


  • 4 standing water therapy stations

  • 4 air loungers with head rests

  • 16 benches with a variety of massage jets for the back, legs and feet

  • Relaxation bench

  • Two massage water cannons

  • Large ‘walk in’ steps for easy access

The Spa Garden

Outdoor Sauna

Kick back and relax in our toasty Sauna. Let the heat improve your blood circulation, remove toxins from the body, and help relieve muscle cramps. 

The Spa Garden

Reflect and Relax Room

This unique calming space features eight adjustable relaxation beds, offering a space for reflection and stillness. With dimmed lighting, sheer curtains, and rustic timber features, disconnect from the world within this Spa Garden oasis.

The Spa Garden

Outdoor Fire Pit

Bringing a little warmth to your Spa Day or Evening Escape, this social space overlooks the bubbling Hydrotherapy pool set within the Spa Garden. With enough seating for ten and set underneath a natural oak canopy, the comfortable lounge seating is the perfect setting for curling up in a robe and slippers. Blankets and cushions will also be on hand for those chilly evenings.

The Spa Garden

The Vinery

Encompassing an outdoor-in concept, the interior features a mixture or garden benches and bistro-style dining with a mix of natural materials and traditional finishes. With panoramic views of the Spa Garden, the space also features outdoor dining on the terrace with patio heaters and blankets for the cosiest of evenings. Robes always welcome!

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