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25th July

Time to HIIT it!

If toning up a little is a concern but time is a struggle at the moment, then there’s plenty of workouts at home you can try, and they’re great as long as you are self-motivated. You’re aiming to work out for about 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a week but no slacking in between – you get out what you put in.

The weather at the moment is perfect for a workout in the garden after work. If you’re happy to go-it alone then we recommend:

To start slow. Give it all you’ve got for 20 seconds, and then recover for 40 or even 60 seconds.
Don’t skip your warm-up. … no matter where you are working out, it’s important to loosen the muscles first so not to do yourself damage
Aim for reps. …
Use an interval timer. …
Don’t train on back-to-back days. …
Just add weight. …
Keep the intervals short. …
Use the “talk test.”

For a 7-minute workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat try: 30 seconds of each exercise followed by a 10 second rest (if required)

Jumping Jacks
Wall Sit
Chair Step-ups
Tricep Dips
High Knees/Running on the spot
Push-Up Rotations
Side Plank
Sound easy? – repeat the process up to 3 times!

If you’re not great with self-motivation then signing up for a personal trainer or getting involved in a HIIT (High Impact Intense Training.) class is the way forward. Let someone else shout instructions out so you don’t have to stop and think about what to do next and work with others to battle to the end of the session (yes, if you have taken part in one of Caroline’s HIIT classes on a Tuesday night, you know what we’re talking about)

The results are worth it and a HIIT session 3 times a week isn’t so bad.