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Parents. Set your alarm for ‘me’ time.

Need a little TLC after months of ABC's ?

For many parents, lockdown has been a very stressful time. Trying to balance a working life with home-schooling isn’t easy, with many working long nights to make up the time for looking after their child’s education in the day.

With all this home-schooling, the notion of free time has seemed like a little bit of a fantasy. It’s just something you grab as take out the bins, or 5 minutes between the next Class Zoom call and tidying up the Lego. So yes, you’ve earned a little ‘me’ time. In fact, you earned something a little more luxurious.

This brings us to the restorative effects of a luxurious spa – like the ones available here at Eden Hall Spa. Of course, this hasn’t even been an option over the last few weeks and months – but with things easing – it’s time to think about number one a little bit more. Yes, we mean you! 

Just imagine the relaxing joy of a back massage that soothes away stress and tension. A medium to light pressure on the back, shoulders, neck and scalp works wonders for dissolving the anxiety of the last few weeks. Or even a full body massage, top-to-toe. Shear bliss. Of course, to really unwind, you could try an Indian Head Massage that focuses on energy centres of the head, neck, scalp and face by using key acupressure points to relieve tension and stress. Sounds heavenly doesn’t it. 

So go on parents, treat yourself. You’ve earnt it ten times over.