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My new love - Clarins Nutri-Lumiere Day Cream

Introducing Clarins Nutri-Lumiere Day Cream. New to Eden, this product could become my new love!

NEW to the Clarins Brand for 2020 is the Nutri- Lumière range. The Nutri-Lumière Day Cream is Eden’s fabulous Product of the Month for March, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

So why not grab a cuppa, take a seat, and let’s get started…

The Nutri-Lumière Day Cream is a nourishing day moisturiser, packed full of nutrients designed to restore the energy and liveliness to mature skin that is extremely dry, dull and delicate. This gorgeous non-greasy, oil-infused texture melts into the skin leaving it nourished, radiant, glowy and feeling refreshed. (bliss!)
Infused with 10 Nutrient-rich plants including Horse Chestnut, Harungana, Oat, Desert Date, Leaf of Life, Shea, Jojoba, Furcellaria, Succory Dock-Cress and White Horehound; the skin is given strength, nourishment, luminosity, comfort, hydration and much, much more. Horse Chestnut nourishes and revives radiance within the skin, whilst Harungana fights deep wrinkles and helps with the slackening of the skin. It also has the Clarins’ Signature Anti-Pollution Complex to protect the skin from internal and external pollutions, such as central heating, air conditioning, fuel particles in the air and smoke.
Suited best for clients who are 60+, and who want that little bit more for their skin, the Nutri- Lumière Day Cream really is a must-have moisturiser!
So why not treat yourself? Go on, you know you want to..
Laura x

Proven results
87% Clarins’ Nutri-Lumière Day & Night Duo reactivates the skin’s luminosity.*
86% Better nourished skin**
85% Rosier, healthy-looking skin***
80% Skin is better nourished, revitalized, and radiantly beautiful***
99% Fresh texture***
96% Melting texture***
95% Silky finish***
93% Brings a feeling of well-being***

*Satisfaction test - 111 women - after 14 days of using the day & night duo.
 **Satisfaction test - 111 women - after 7 days.
 ***Satisfaction test - 111 women - after 28 days.