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Luscious Lashes Made Even More Gorgeous

Eden’s Product of the Month for July is the amazing Nouveau® Lashes Enhance Mascara.

Eden’s Product of the Month for July is the amazing Nouveau® Lashes Enhance Mascara. This mascara has been specifically designed to be used on top of Nouveau® Lash Extensions or lashes with the LVL Lash Lift.

The Enhance Mascara is a water-based product so will not undo the lifting effects of the LVL Lash Lift treatment, unlike other mascaras. The best thing about this mascara is that it can be removed with water! WOW! Of course, if you prefer to use a make-up remover, (like me) you can also do this. It also has a hypoallergenic formulation, so is gentle enough for sensitive eyes.

The mascara wand is something else! On one side, the bristles are longer as they help to lengthen and add volume to the upper lashes. On the other side, the bristles are shorter, and these are best for the lower lash line as it prevents the mascara from smudging against the skin. With my eyelashes being naturally long, I need a mascara that will help to separate the lashes but also give them the length as well. The Enhance Mascara did just this!

Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Safflower Oil are the fabulous blend in the Enhance Mascara which nourish and encourage healthy looking lashes. It’s fabulous formulation helps support the lashes to naturally grow by strengthening them and reducing the natural loss of lashes. It does not have a growth enhancer within the mascara, the amazing ingredients just help to strengthen the natural lashes and keep them nice and healthy.

This was the perfect mascara to use after I had my LVL Lash Lift. It helped retain the lift of my lashes and still gave me a glamorous look without it affecting my lovely treatment. So if you’re booking in for an LVL Lash Lift treatment, and want a mascara that will maintain your look, then the Nouveau® Lashes Enhance Mascara is the one for you. It won’t disappoint!

Buy the Enhance Mascara from our Spa Shop during July and we’ll give you 20% off*  Usual Price £18.99, July Price £15.19

*Subject to availability and must be purchased in house. Offer does not apply online.