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Lots to Love about November’s Treatment of the Month

I have just experienced the Thousand Flower Wrap - a beautiful 55-minute treatment of pure relaxation from head to toe.

I feel great!

I have just experienced the Thousand Flower Wrap - a beautiful 55-minute treatment of pure relaxation from head to toe.

Want to feel like your body has been deeply detoxed? Would you like your body to feel ultra-smooth and hydrated? Then this is the perfect treatment for you.

Rebecca collected me from the waiting room and took me into her lovely treatment room. She sat me down and asked me about how I care for my body and face and what results I wanted to see from the treatment. I exercise regularly, exfoliate my body twice a week and moisturise daily so I just wanted a purely relaxing and detoxing treatment. I also have very oily skin and get a few breakouts, so she told me that the Thousand Flower Wrap would be perfect for me as the treatment focuses on all of this. She also explained that the facial is tailored to what would suit my skin the best. I couldn’t wait to get onto the couch!

As I laid down, I instantly felt relaxed as the bed was beautifully heated. Hot mitts with the Elemis Lime Essence cleansed my feet and some light pressure points that were performed.

Rebecca then started performing a body brush sequence on the back of my body using the Elemis Detox Skin Brush with light sweeping movements starting on one side of my body which was then repeated on to the other side. As she was doing this, she explained that the brush was made from natural cactus brittles and told me that it helps to tone the skin and improve blood circulation – it felt amazing.

She then drizzled some warm Elemis Green Tea Seed Body Oil onto my body followed by the Elemis Tea Algo Serum on one half of the back of my body followed by the other. This was lightly swept onto my feet, legs and back. With both products being applied on top of each other, this instantly melted into my skin and I felt rejuvenated!

Using relaxing sweeping movements, a Thousand Flower Body Wrap Mask was then applied to the back of my body and this was extremely refreshing and detoxifying. Rebecca then asked me to lay onto my front and repeated the same sequence - starting with the body brushing and finishing off with applying the Thousand Flower Body Wrap Mask. After this, she cocooned me with a white sheet and extra towels – it’s safe to say I felt as snug as a bug.

Whilst the Body Mask was absorbing into my skin, Rebecca performed a beautiful facial on me. My skin was deeply cleansed, toned and exfoliated by the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (this smelt and felt incredible!) followed by the Elemis Thousand Flower Facial Mask. As well as my body being deeply detoxed, so was my face! Whilst the face mask was soaking into my skin, I was given a scalp massage – this was just bliss! I could feel all my tension melting away. The facial mask was then taken off and she finished off by applying some nourishing moisturiser and eye cream.

After the facial, the Body Mask was removed with hot mitts and my therapist finished off by applying the Elemis Green Tea Seed Balm which left my body feeling amazingly soft and nourished.

This has been one of the best treatments I have had to date. I feel refreshed and my body feels extremely smooth. At the end of my treatment, Rebecca recommended that I should try out the Superfood Day Cream as this would help with any breakouts as well as the Detoxing Body Brush as this would help to keep my skin nice a toned.

I cannot wait to try out my new products and to book in for this treatment again.

And if you feel tempted to try this gorgeous wrap, we are offering 20% discount during November. Find out more here.

Hannah x