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1st July

Eyes Wide Open with LVL Lash Lift

When I heard that Eden Hall was introducing the LVL lash lift I instantly wanted to try it out. As a follower of Michelle Keegan (Nouveau® Lashes UK brand ambassador) I have seen the results!

I had been thinking about wanting this kind of treatment for a while but never got round to doing it, so when I saw it was Eden’s Treatment of the Month for July I was super-excited and got myself booked in. You do have to complete a patch test 48 hours prior to having the treatment and this is handily posted out to you at home with a step by step guide on how to apply. The patch test is simply needed to make sure that you don’t have a reaction to the LVL products.

Upon arrival for my lash treatment, I was greeted by my therapist Anita and taken into a lovely relaxing treatment room. Anita asked me a few questions about the current condition of my lashes, checked if I have had previous lash treatments and talked to me about what results I would like this treatment to achieve. Anita assured me that all of these questions were to ensure that I get the best possible result and that the treatment would be kind to my own natural lashes.

I was asked to lie down and make myself comfortable on a lovely heated bed and the treatment then began. Throughout the treatment I could feel Anita clean my lashes and apply something to my eyelids; I then felt a lifting sensation on my lashes. Anita explained that she would be applying various different products to my lashes to get the best end result. Although I could feel that something was happening, at no point did I feel any discomfort or pain. Whilst I was laid on the bed, Anita assured me that she would be with me whilst the products were developing, she made me aware of the sensations I should feel and kept checking that everything was feeling OK. She really put me at ease and made me feel that I was in very safe hands.

Anita then started to gently remove the products and cleanse my eyes. They didn’t feel any different. However, when I was handed the mirror to take a look I was amazed! I could now see lashes that I didn’t even realise I had, they looked fuller and thicker, longer and darker and lifted upright which made them look like I was wearing mascara.

I was absolutely thrilled with the result! Anita explained that there was some aftercare on how to keep the lifted lashes lasting longer (usually about 6-8 weeks). And an added bonus, I was given the LVL lash conditioning serum to continue to use at home. Worth £19.99, this is included in the price of this 55 minute treatment and if used correctly, should last up to 6-8 weeks too.
I am already planning on visiting Eden again for this treatment because I can pop in after work using the Simply Treatments option.

The results are amazing and they’re all my own lashes.

Lisa x