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8th August

Eden’s Product of the Month

As a product-obsessed millennial that does not get enough sleep, I am constantly looking for something fresh, exciting and innovative to use on my skin. The unique Peptide4 Adaptive Day Cream is everything I can wish for and more in a moisturiser.

Its whipped cream texture gives a gorgeous radiant glow with a silky-smooth satin-matte finish. It is designed to suit all different skin types so it doesn’t matter whether you’re oily or dehydrated, it will be the perfect start to your skin’s day.

My favourite thing about this day cream is the way that it preps and primes my skin ready for my makeup to be applied. It leaves my skin feeling supple, hydrated and protected throughout the whole day, and my combination t-zone never appears! It contains mineral microspheres which absorb excess oil during the afternoon, when the skin’s natural oil production is at its peak. This means that as the day goes on, your makeup will stay in place and won’t start to move on the skin due to excess oils.

After hearing that the Peptide4 Adaptive Day cream is mattified, I was a bit sceptical that it would leave me feeling dehydrated and would dull-down my skin. How wrong was I?! WOW! It does the complete opposite! British Cold Pressed Honesty Seed Oil is rich in fatty acids, so is great at supporting the skin’s natural moisture barrier and defence shield. Alongside this, Swiss Butterfly Bush, Thyme and Mallow keep the skin calm, and help support the defence shield against the environment, whilst locking the moisture within the skin. Sounds like the ultimate summer skincare saviour to me!

So, do you find that you’re lacking hydration but keep getting oily as the day goes on? Do you want a moisturiser that will protect your skin whilst giving you a lovely radiant glow? Alongside our Peptide4 Facial as Treatment of the Month, we’ve decided to treat you to 10% off the brand new Peptide4 Adaptive Day Cream when you purchase throughout the month of August. Go on, you know you want to.